Tools + Resources

Here are some of the tools, platforms, and key resources that are part of, or integrated within the Giga ecosystem.
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Project Connect

Map school connectivity globally and eliminate the digital divide, increasing opportunity for every community.

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Digital Public Goods Alliance

The development of this platform includes building a “storefront” for digital public goods, supporting work across all of the Sustainable Development Goals, and working with a variety of stakeholders to develop definitions, criteria, and governance and financing mechanisms.

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This new Global Network Resiliency Platform (#REG4COVID) is a place where regulators, policy makers and other interested stakeholders can share information, view what initiatives and measures have been introduced around the world, and discuss and exchange among peers on experiences, ongoing initiatives, and innovative policy and regulatory measures designed to help ensure communities remain connected, that we support one another, and that we harness the full power and potential of ICTs during this crisis and to prepare for the medium and long-term recovery from COVID19.