Giga is a global initiative to connect every school to the Internet and every young person to information, opportunity and choice.

ITU and UNICEF have joined forces to connect every school to the Internet. 

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In partnership with governments, Giga is mapping the connectivity demand, using schools as a base point, and identifying where there are connectivity gaps. This information, combined with existing ITU mapping data, allows countries to take stock of their existing infrastructure and assess appropriate solutions for connecting schools. Over 800,000 schools in 30 countries have been mapped, and are viewable live at


In partnership with industry, and based on the mapping results, Giga will advise on the best possible technical solutions to provide schools with connectivity, and countries with safe, secure, reliable, fit-for-purpose infrastructure to support future digital development needs. This includes determining the best possible solutions for last mile connectivity.


Giga works with governments and advises them on building affordable and sustainable country-specific models for finance and delivery, subsidizing market creation costs and incentivizing private sector investment.


Through its engagement with countries, Giga can support needs assessments and support to deploy digital solutions. Giga can provide connections to partners, resources, capacity building and financing to scale learning solutions. In partnership with the Digital Public Goods Alliance, Giga can help identify and scale Digital Public Goods and the role of the local ecosystem in developing, scaling and maintaining open source solutions.


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